Happy Morning


When I drew the curtains to let the sunshine in

I see the morning sky adorned with beautiful clouds,
The sky sparkles when the first ray of sunlight shine

My plants out there with a freshly bloomed flowers

how could not I smile with the sight of all these:-) 🙂

Happy Morning

Raise early and live the moments of early morning.


கனவு தோட்டம்

பூரிப்புடன் பூக்கள் பூத்து குலுங்கும் தோட்டத்தினுள் நுழைந்தேன்

அந்த சிறு பூவோ மொட்டாய் இருந்தபோது வாடி விட்டது .

அதை இன்று பறிக்க இயலாவிட்டால் என்ன

என்றாவது ஒரு நாள் பறித்து கொள்ள போகிறேன்

இரட்டை ரோஜாக்களாய்.​

The Fortunate One

We had so many complaints when we were young
When food is not ready and plated while hungry

When picnics were planned but not happened

When we dint get the TV remote to watch our favorite channel

And so on and on.. but by the time we realize that we had shouted at our parents for nothing

we itself would become a parent or nephew/niece already born.

I know its not too late, but what would you say to your child that you were like that..?

But that will not make a good impression of you

Or will you say, “O Son! you dont make such silly complaints like what I did”?

Is that make sense to them.?.i dont think so..they do have a lot of questions to ask .

So let them be, when they become a parent they will understand…

Parents are gem,not only they play a role of raising the child,they are more than that,a special gift we have got even before coming to this world“.









Being in a joint family

​Last vacation we had spent away from our hometown and in the place where my brothers live. We had stayed in my second bro’s house, and my mother and my elder brother’s family also came along due to their house shifting work and all.. it was all not planned but all of us stayed together in the same house for whole one week.
It may sound amusing to some people.But nowadays its really rare to be in a joint family.Each one the siblings travel to different countries in search of job or just they want a better life and in the end leaving the parents alone in their hometown.I would always recommend to be in a joint family, problems may arise but that’s a lot better than to be alone in another country.If you are emotionally brokedown there you have a lot of people to support.

By the way coming to the point, I had enjoyed being in a joint family . Kilos of vegetables were cooked,food were served in large numbers yet it became less.floors are cleaned and mopped twice a day, thanks to my nephews they will make a mess wherever they goes.Tea time was my favourite, everyone have their tea in different time and sometime I had nothing for me left or for someone else, Couldn’t find the culprit yet who drinks two glasses of tea (usually one cup of tea for each in my house)

It’s been a pleasure to be there.And there again time comes, we had to flew back again miles far from our country to the one where we lives. And here I’m reminiscing the memories back then.

Faces of People

​People are of different kinds

With different faces to show off to the world

We eagerly wait to see some
Because their welcoming smile always gives us a sense of belonging
But some people makes us run away
Either by their silly look of us from head to toe
which makes us to think,”Oh! What she is upto now?”
Or by their useless talks which
By that time even the melo-dramatic show in the tv will get over

I end my description here, before you think of some other kind of people..

Because they are their ownself
The way we see them or
Our liking towards them
Makes them good or bad

When we like someone, whatever they do, we never mind it.
But In case of someone we hate
their attempt to be good always ends up in zero

Final note here is…
Even me and you can fall under that category “Good” or  “Bad”
Its upto the way they see…


Blessed by the Merciful Creator

Blessed (Alhamdhulillah)
When millions of people in the world, doesn’t have enough money or sound health or just they dint get a chance to visit the holy places Makkah and Madinah, Al-Wadud (the Loving Creator) blessed me to visit there often.
Usually my loads of worries before entering the masjid will soon vanish by peace and contentment of that place.
This year’s umra was such a memorable one.. I have understood Allah’s abundant blessings on me.
When aged men and women are striving hard to perform the rituals of umra, I was there walking past them in a fast pace,with among many other young men and women.
We are very fortunate to use our young age in these kinds of worship.
We dont even think a moment to complain about what we dont have.
When we got only one parcel of food for four of us, I was like ‘how do we gonna fast only having this?’
But a moment later, I saw the group of poor people who had only few breads and some tea for their suhoor (pre-dawn meal),I was ashamed about myself.
Allah’s blessings varies between individuals. But being human we focus on only what we want, for example to an extent, taking part in most beloved people’s happiness is difficult for me, as selfish as it sound, I worry too much about myself than being happy for them.

But having these beloved ones in my life itself a blessing from Allah. I always have known this,still my priority sticks only to me..

Its never too late to repent to Allah, even for a minute thing you had done, or just a bad thought about something you never did.

Allah the kind and loving, always forgives and bless us with His blessings.




Happiness cannot be defined
Its the feeling from deep inside you
There are plenty of reasons to be happy
It has often changed by the situations
And the preferences we make

Take me as an example
Sun is my long awaited friend in winter days
Whenever I get a chance to see it
I am overwhelmed with happiness

But I dread the high temperature in summer, always yearning for a rain to pour on me

As a child, my most happiest moments were with my brothers
I was pampered and guarded by them like a princess

Now being miles away, even a single text like  “how are you my lovely sis” makes me happy

Every stage of life is adorned with happiness
In one way or other.




Deep in thoughts
Mixture of emotions
Confused about what to choose
Love or Friendship?

Love- she is like an angel from the sky
She said “I will be your star, I will shine for you forever”
Such a cute angel she is..
We knew each other only for six months
But it feels like a lifetime or
We are destined to be together…?

Friendship- he is a shy guy who is beside me all the time
My buddy with whom I spent my ten years of life
Never ever we had an argument before
His enemy has never been my friend &
His friend has never been my enemy
Such a close bond we had

But now, we both are in a tiff
He complains that my love is the reason for the clash between us

Confused of what to choose
Because I cant live without both